Allow yourself space to move & re-charge.

Enabling you to reach your full potential in sports performance and your daily life regardless of age and ability.


Through overuse and stress muscles can stay in a contracted state, causing imbalance in the body. Sports massage will increase flexibility by stretching and relaxing the muscle and encouraging it to return back to its normal relaxed length. This will help to remove waste, reduce muscle cramps, increase muscle tone and limit the formation of adhesion's. It will also pick up on any imbalances before they become a problem.


Soft tissue massage will keep you mobile so you can speed healing and reduce discomfort during the rehabilitation process. It can prevent any subsequent injury or pains and reduce scar tissue forming.  

Giving your muscles space to breathe enables key nutrients to flow throughout the body. This creates a positive effect on other areas, including your nervous, digestive and respiratory systems, ensuring your body is running at its optimal on all levels.


£60 p/h*

*Club & Student discounts available


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